JIL Entertainment Gallery, a dance entertainment company.

Under the leadership and signature of Yumi Kuroki, a previous tour partner of the world champion of salsa, we present dynamic entertainment shows that engage and captivate audiences.
The JIL Entertainment Gallery team is comprised of world class choreographers and dancers who often go on tour with famous artists such as SMAP, Miliyah Kato, and KREVA, to name a few. JIL Entertainment Gallery undertake a wide range of other activities like recruiting new dancers, and providing visiting dance lessons at your facility.

JIL, "The Jewel In the Lotus".
The lotus flower is the only flower in the world that grows from the mud and blooms noble and pure as the morning dew that dwells and sparkles on the flower like a jewel. It's with the hope of becoming a jewel in the entertainment industry that JIL Entertainment Gallery was created. Our shows are full of such unique jewel-like personalities and we invite you to find your favorite one based on your taste, ideas, and goals.
Yumi Kuroki
The director of JIL Entertainment Gallery.
Yumi started dancing classic ballet at age 2, later moving on to modern ballet by age 5. A decade later, at age 15 she discovered Ballroom Dancing, a discipline by which she was immensely impressed.
She studied under Mr. Akio Kuwahara, a champion of Japan professional latin dance, while also taking an active role in professional ballroom dance competitions. She went on to graduate from Japan Women's College of Physical Education with a dance major at the top of her class.
In university, she learned classic ballet, tap dance, flamenco, modern and jazz dance, contemporary, tap dance, Japanese dance and later broadened her skill set by becoming active in the disciplines of hip-hop and funk jazz. She became the champion and MVP of 'RAVE2001', a dance show on TV. She went on to succeed in various entertainment scenes such as Music Videos and TV commercials. In 2000, she visited the US.
After one year she moved to New York where she performed at the popular show "Amateur Night at the Apollo". She became the first Japanese Champion as a member of the Hip-hop dance team "BiTrip".
In 2006, the then current World Champion of Salsa, found her talent, and she became his world tour partner. She performed at salsa festivals in various regions of Europe and the US.
We recruit members members and those studying dance for performances at local and overseas events. We look for applicants who want to take a leap ahead in the entertainment field, and welcome performers who have a thorough experience in Jazz, Hip Hop, Acrobatics, Aerial, and of course Latin dancing.

We are not currently hosting auditions for new members. Please check back for future audition announcements.
We are always eager to hear your requests for our services. Get in touch with us to discuss your event's goals and ideas. We are flexible and are willing to discuss ways to meet your budget. Tell us what you have in mind, even if it's something not
covered on our website, we would be happy to discuss your needs.

"Special events, ceremonies, performances and school festivals"
Let us make your event more attractive with a dance performance by JIL Entertainment Gallery. Ranging from 1 to 10 dancers with a minimum of 5 minute performances, we are flexible and can provide performances that meet your goals, venue scale and budget. Sexy, elegant, passionate and cool costumes allow us to match your desired theme.

"For pre-party entertainment"
We provide a simple salsa lesson and a dance performance. We are well received at parties and dinner shows.

"For dinner shows at restaurants"
You have the option to send our dancers to a dining bar, lounge, etc. If given
permission by the venue, we can perform on the counter much like the movie "Coyote Ugly". "For fashion shows"
You can request fashion show models and go-go dancers. We liven up the atmosphere with brilliant dancers.
"Solo performances by Yumi Kuroki"
Request a memorable solo performances by Yumi Kuroki.

We give lessons by our top level dancers who have experience performing abroad and as backup dancers for famous artists. We welcome requests for jazz, hip hop, and of course Latin dance workshops. If requesting a workshop in the suburbs, we recommend you also book a show for a better deal.
Here is a list of our dancers with their bios.
In addition, our performers can serve as magazine models, performers in movie scenes and on stages, as well as guests in live broadcasts. We send our dancers all over Japan, so feel free to contact us.
Please use the form below to contact JIL Entertainment Gallery. If you don't hear from us within 48 hours, we apologize for the inconvenience but please try again.